Colton Arms Mon, Feb 19 2018 20:00

The Return of The Moms

Jon B

A busy night at The Colton, with 'Pacey’s Mom' back to their original “fab four” and gunning for another champion performance, but plenty of competition out there. 'Poulet de Cottage' looked like challengers along with 'Quizlamic State' after a strong first half, but could they sustain the pressure on the all conquering PM’s? No they couldn’t, and the main challenge cam form 'Harvey’s Haitian Heroes', who, fired up by London Pride and a few Aspells, forced a close ending, but couldn’t quite get there, mistaking Kelly Osborne for Miley Cyrus, and finishing an agonizing point behind 'Pacey’s Mom'. Another £50 for the PM’s, who also guessed closest n the envelope question, but failed to find the hidden winning ticket right in the middle of the pack. Jackpot rolls over to £70.

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Paceys Mom
Harvey's Haitian Heroes
Our Chief Elemment is Surprise
Poulet de Cottage
Quizlamic State