Colton Arms Mon, May 15 2017 20:00

Unforgettable First Quiz

Ben P

What a night we all had at the Colton Arms for our debut quiz tonight with quizmaster @BenDaliHypno. 5 out of our 9 teams were within 1 point of each other at the top in the middle of the quiz, which saw Jason & The Arsonists win our inaugural £50 bar tab by just one point. At the other end of the table The Malakas demonstrated perfect tactics to win a bottle of Prosecco in second last place. And proof that anyone can win, as the last placed team earned the chance to win the £50 jackpot. Unfortunately for them they picked the wrong envelope and so the £50 rolls on to next week, where anyone could win it. Even YOU...

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Top Teams
Jason and the Arsonists
Bull Sharks
Have You Got Any Nuts?
Queens of the Night
Swedish Folk House