Colton Arms Mon, Aug 20 2018 20:00

Urethra Franklin Clean Up...

Jon B

A few new faces at The Colton Arms last night, keen to take home the £50 prize, but lurking in the back, one ever-present team who go by a different name each week, a formidable blend of medics and poor taste punsters, and “Urethra Franklin” didn’t come to make up the numbers. The first half appeared not to test too many teams, and "51 Quizzard Road" and "HArits Angels" put in good scores of 17, but "Urethra Franklin" completed a faultless opening with a rare maximum 20 points. Ouch. That was too much for one team to take, who after 8.5 points and 6 blanks in the second half, folded their answer sheet and accepted defeat. Boo. Everyone else continued to battle, but it was in vain hope – "UF" nailed 21 points in the second half winning with a huge score of 41 points, however, they had no idea about the watermelon punching record, and leaving "Harits Angels" the choice in the envelope question. Despite a strong call for the bottom envelope, they selected the second bottom, and missed it by one…jackpot rolls over to over £150.

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