Colton Arms Mon, Nov 12 2018 20:00

Weighty Winners and No Flakes

Patsy P

'The Atlas' ruled the world tonight at The Colton Arms with a massive score of 42, to win the £50 bar tab, leaving 'Stan Lee's Last Stand' and 'Let's Get Quizzical' in their wake. Tied on 30 points were 'Ham's Hareem', 'Hopeless Again' and best team name of the night ' My Couch Pulls Out - My Boyfriend Doesn't'. 'The Ginger Snaps' took home a bottle of Prosecco for their marvellous efforts but no one could touch 'The Atlas' as they also played the envelope game for the Jackpot. Tonight's biggie was £99 + a flake, provided by yours truly - because you can't have a 99 without one can you! Sadly though, even the mighty "Atlas" couldn't find the winner so it's another rollover for next week, minus the sweet treat. Now where did I put that chocolate?

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The Atlas
Stan Lee's Last Stand
Let's Get Quizzical
Ham's Hareem
Hopeless Again
My Couch Pulls Out - My Boyfriend Doesn't
The Four F's
The Ginger Snaps
Second Borns