Colton Arms Mon, Jul 03 2017 20:00

Winners night...

Jon B

A warm night at the Colton Arms, and a hotly contested quiz. “Jason’s Big Bad Bouncy Ball Bags” had grown in numbers to make a challenge at the top, and with a score of 38, the extra team members very nearly had the desired effect, but they were beaten by “4 Perfection”, a team who only decided to take part last minute, and who possessed a secret weapon. The Teacher. It proved to be decisive, with a near perfect first half, and a strong second they cruised home with 42 points, taking the £50 first prize. But the winning didn’t’ stop there – for the third time in 5 weeks, and defying the odds, the envelope jackpot was won, and by the team who finished last….in this pub, it feels that everyone wins!

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Top Teams
4 Perfection
The Undecideds
Jasons Big Bad Bouncy Ball Bags
Moylan Marauders
the MAgic Hooters