Crabtree Tue, Jul 26 2016 19:30

Crab with Avengence!

Chris R

An eclectic mix of quiz teams made the cut tonight for a hard-fought battle on the river. With few of the regulars in attendance it was good to see the Real Housewives of Fulham make a reappearance after a long absence.A big team of 9, the Moet Medics, looked to be handicapped by their numbers, but a strong second-half meant they scored enough to still vie for second place in the tie-break question, which they won and took home the coveted bottle of wine! The other coveted bottle of wine, normally for second to last, was worth considerably more tonight after 2 tickets for this Thursday's Gin Masterclass were offered up instead.
The three lads who made up Jane Fonda are worth a mention, as the smallest (and possibly youngest) in the room, did very well to take third place, but alas, no prize.

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