Crabtree Tue, Apr 18 2017 19:30

Easter Quiz Hunt!

Chris R

The holiday thinned the numbers this week and current leaders of the pack Northern Soul took the week off leaving the way clear for a new leader to be crowned.
Queens of the Manor were a welcome sight as ever as they returned to lock horns with Mim's Minions who seldom go away empty-handed. Steve isn't here tonight, our regular second-place winners were also in attendance, with Koala Tea (see what they did there?) and Snap General Erection all in the mix.
The second to last free beers were taken tonight by Just the two of us.. and a tie-break for second place saw a change of the guard, as Mim's Minions had to settle for the comedy tickets and Queens of the Manor took the crown with a sterling second round to seize the title and the £50.00 bar tab.

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Queens of the Manor
Steve isn't coming tonight...
Mim's Minions
Koala Tea
Snap General Erection