Crabtree Tue, Jun 21 2016 19:30

Location location location!

Chris R

It was all about location tonight, or to be more accurate, relocation. Yes, the quiz had been ousted from the regular pub area and moved upstairs. Whether this succeeded in elevating the quiz to greater heights remains to be seen, but with 4 regular teams battling it out tonight, it looked to be a good start. Northern Soul were back to defend their crown, as were Basmons, who never fail to rise to the occasion. Racecar is Racecar backwards were also here to challenge for the crown, or at least go home with a bottle of wine, having been so cruelly robbed in tiebreaks of the past. Halal, is it meat you're looking for? were also on fine form this evening and with a bottle of wine going to 2nd place and 2nd to last place, looked set to not go home empty handed.
And it was a tie-break finish, which meant an all or nothing 1st place, and a guaranteed bottle of wine for everybody else! Harsh terms for Northern Soul, who were robbed in the tie-break question (although it was a 'Northern' question - about Man United!) and left empty-handed.
We'll be upstairs for the forseeable future as the football and no doubt Wimbledon will take the main bar. But everyone seemed to enjoy the change of locale, there's no need for the mic and you can still order food, so all good.

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