Crabtree Tue, Feb 16 2016 19:30

Quiz Night at the Crabrrrrtree!

Chris R

Sub-zero temperatures kept some local teams away, but a hardy group of quizzers braved the cold to face the quiz. And what a quiz it was.Some seemingly simple questions caused consternations and confusions; queries abounded and clarification was requested - none of which aided or abetted the (un)able quizzers. Yet solutions were sought, puzzles were solved and finally a victor was revealed - Winky's Revenge (Winky is a canine of ridiculously cute proportions) strived ahead with superiour knowledge (& no's) to claim the winning prize.
The bonus questions went to Let's get Quizzical, who won a free drink, and Les Quizerables, who won two tickets to March 12th's Comedy Night, worth £10 each!

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Winky's Revenge
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Berry or not berry?
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