Crabtree Tue, May 31 2016 19:30

Quiz Storm!

Chris R

A blustery night in Hammersmith blew in some windswept quizzers for a busy night in the Crabtree. Previous winners 'A Block of Cheese' were up against another winning team 'Billy Buslar and No Mates' for a head-to-head quiz-off. But, despite leading at half-time, the youngsters succumbed to the other team's strong second-half performance. Our internationals tonight were in from Australia and Holland and were rewarded with a question on the Dutch football team and a question on the Tasmanian Devil - so they were guaranteed some points! And indeed, one of their two teams won the newly awarded 2nd-to-last prize of a bottle of wine!
'Abby's Angels' provided the glamour for the evening with an all-female team out on a birthday night - though they didn't win a prize, they seemed to enjoy themselves, especially the anagram question, which the birthday girl couldn't help sharing the answer with the rest of the quiz!
Looking forward to the introduction of a roll-over jackpot next week and more prizes including drinks and tickets to the comedy night.

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