Crabtree Tue, Aug 30 2016 19:30

Quizlamic Jimad!

Chris R

All the regulars were in the house last night for a quiz off of epic proportions. Northern Soul were back in force to reclaim their title and Where's Ian were also in the house to defend their unbeaten record. Moet Medics were here to launch a challenge too and take the money and not just the wine! An easy first round saw scores of 15 and above across the board, but it lulled the unwary into a false sense of security. As the second round cryptics kicked in, the teams began to flag, with Quiz in your pants dropping from 4th at half time to end up10th - but they got the bottle of wine for 2nd to last place, so all was not lost.
Deserving winners were Northern Soul however,, who held off Where's Ian to win by 3 clear points, despite or maybe because of a lucky 7th player, which cost them a point, but not the title.
The numbers are staying strong as the nights are drawing in. Looking forward to a good autumn season!

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