Crabtree Tue, Jan 17 2017 19:30

Quizocalypse Now!

Chris R

At the last quiz before the Trump era begins, the teams were out in force to battle for the first prize of a £50 bar tab. Several groups from Imperial College were in attendance, but only one could claim the crown. 'Boys are Baku in town' made a welcome return after a period of absence, previous winners on a number of occasions, they were the team to beat. '3 Blind Mice' filled the sofas with a team of 9, only to be hamstrung at the last by the 3 point penalty into 3rd place.
The eventual winners were the Baku boys with an impressive 45 points, second were regular winners 'Wake me up before you Gove Gove' who took home a bottle of wine for their efforts and second-to-last place went to 'Quizteama Aguilera' who were rewarded with some free ales!
Good night all round with a special mention to 'Pinky and the Brown' for a stalwart effort in the second half, and 'It was the best of teams, it was the worst of teams' our late arrivals who graced the pub with their presence.

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