Crabtree Tue, Jul 19 2016 19:30

Sticky Crabsticks!

Chris R

As London melted on the hottest day of the year, the river was lined with sun-soaked people and every pub garden overflowed with revellers, there was still a substantial crowd for the ever-popular Crabtree quiz. 49 determined souls dodged the sun and heat-stroke to battle for the quiz crown and test their wits against their foes.
Was a tricky quiz too tonight, with last week's 2nd place ending 2nd to last this week! But still taking home a bottle of wine for their trouble, so well done to the Remainders! Newbies 'Ed's a Mardy Arse!' lead from the front, ahead at half-time by a point to .The People's Front...' and finishing 4 points clear at the top. Deserving winners, let's hope to see them back again. A shout must go out to 2nd place and winners of the bonus question, 'Pippa's ring', who took the two tickets to this Saturday's comedy night as well as a bottle of wine for their final position.
A good night all round, and looking forward to many more busy night's over the coming balmy weeks.

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