Crabtree Tue, Dec 13 2016 19:30

The Quiz is on!

Chris R

A hectic night at the Crabtree saw an inundation of Fulham fans at the start and the finish. Between the crowds we managed to squeeze a rather vexing quiz for 10 tolerant teams. Some regulars, some newbies and a few couples made a good night of it with a tough quiz. A very low winning score showed how difficult tonight's quiz was, with 1st prize taken by Greyhounds and Kangaroos, a couple half from Yorkshire and guess where else? But clear winners by 5 points, so well done to them, with 2nd place going to Jingle Balls who polished off the wine in short order. Always good to see Lassie come home, gracing the pub with their presence, and the 2nd-to-last prize going to 2 Skirts and 1 shirt.

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