Crown & Anchor Chiswick Thu, Apr 26 2018 20:00

Norfolk-Ing Chance Ignore Their Fated Name, While 2nd To Last Place Keep To Their Morals

Callan D

When you give yourself a name like 'Norfolk-Ing Chance', you generally don’t expect to do that well on Thursday Quiz Nights at The Crown & Anchor, especially when you came last on the inaugural Quiz. Not tonight though...

Astonishingly they not only won that damned thing, taking home a £50 food and bar tab, they also took home a bonus £20 in cash from our brand new Wheel Of Fortune (you have got to get down here just to give it a spin!)

Even more amazingly 2nd-to-last place called themselves that because Quizmaster Callan said that 2nd-to-last Place gets a Bottle of House Wine. It was as if the Quiz Gods were listening as they did just that! You couldn’t make it up!

What amazing twists and turns will happen next week? There’s only one way to find out! Get yourself to The Crown & Anchor next Thursday where as always, The More That Play, The More To Play For!

Over and Out. X

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