Cutty Sark Tavern Wed, Jun 13 2018 20:00

Les quizerables reign supreme

Nigel B

Howdy folks, quiz night upon us once again. A very tame little bunch tonight. No backchat from anyone. What a shame it is when the quizmaster has no one to abuse !!!! With DSC MASSIVE missing in action the title was up for grabs tonight, and first to pounce were 'the pyongbangers' who at halftime had a commanding lead, but then went on to have a disaster of a second half. Up stepped 'Les quizerables' and the goons. In a fight to the finish, it was 'Les quizerables' who nicked it by a single point. Well done to the dancing team for winning the bottle of wine for a second to the last place. Here's hoping for more fun and banter next week.

See ya all.

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