Cutty Sark Tavern Wed, Jul 26 2017 20:00

Mcteam face back on top after tiebreaker.

Nigel B

Great turnout here tonight at the Cutty. With the quizmaster in one of his wild moods, you know there's going to be Trouble. A wide range of scores presented itself at half time, but the top six teams were all tied with 18. Everything to play for in the second half. So the end of the quiz arrives and nobody is leaving their seats. That could be the super glue I used !!!!!!! Anyway it comes down to the tiebreaker and mcteam face snatch it away from teachers batches. Well played to both. Congrats to 2 wheels on my wagon for winning a bottle of wine for second to last place. Another fun night guys.

See ya all next week.

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