Cutty Sark Tavern Wed, Jul 03 2019 20:00

Salvation for the Scandi Cannibals

Rob W

The Cutty Sark in Greenwich was the site for a good clean quiz this evening, with a few eerily prescient questions. The lyrics question featured a reference to the Salvation Army followed shortly by a question about that same charitable army's war cry. Elsewhere, a question on Hannibal Lector's dietary preferences was followed by the identification of (one-half of) Anthony Hopkins's head. Then there were the subtly recurring references to Scandinavia. Coincidence? I think not! Or do I? Mysteries abound. In the end, Big Quiz Energy—the talented winners of at least one or two Cutty Sark quizzes of the past—took the prize with a decisive second round. Thanks to all for coming out. Had a lovely time filling in for regular host Nigel—who I'm sure will be back any day now!

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