Cutty Sark Tavern Wed, Aug 22 2018 20:00

"The Goons" Join Forces to Triumph

Nigel B

Hiya all. Another week and another quiz at The Cutty. Also, another week when the so-called "unbeatable mcTeamy face" have bottled it. With the table once again booked, they failed to show. They are waiting for all the hype to die down and then think they can stroll back in when the other strong teams are missing and claim another cheap victory. Well, I happen to know that they read this blog every week. So we are all calling you out. If you're that good, let us see it !!!!!!! Great quiz tonight with "The goon table dancers" and "Dsc enlarged" fighting it out and joined by the "Oubliettes". It was "The goons" that took the honours tonight, with "DS"C and the "Oubliettes" settling second place with a tiebreaker. Well done Megan and Luke for scooping the bottle of wine for second to last place.

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