Devonshire, Balham Tue, Sep 05 2017 20:00

Back to School

Rhys T

After a week away I was back in the action tonight. Lovely to see some new faces and some good old returnees!

Tonight's foil challenge was "back to school." We had some working maths equipment and wearable ties. The winner was Quizzie Rascals' Teacher's Desk. Second place was "£8.50 for a Pint and a Coke" with their back-pack filled with school equipment.

The foil really helped the top 2 teams, because the scores were very close. "£8.50..." took the lead, the first time they've won since they've started. Second place went to "Quizzie Rascals". Second to last were newcomers "Prosthetics and Make-up", hope to see you guys again!

The Jackpot was not won so it rolls over to next week standing at £184!!!

For your chance to win that and many more prizes come along next Tuesday!

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