Devonshire, Balham Sun, Aug 14 2016 19:30

Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey: separated at birth?

Jonathan H

So, still no winner of the jackpot, but the box of matches is gone and we're down to nine cards. Increased odds and monies next Sunday. In the quiz proper, Third Date (pictured) - who were actually on a third date - were in the lead after twenty questions. Never before has a room full of people wanted two strangers on a date to have a worse night. Order was restored by the end, with a tie-breaker avoided only when Copa Copanter had a point deducted for being a player over the six, giving a well-deserved second to Third Date and clear first to I Quizzed in My Pants. Bravo all! Have a great week (and an even better fourth date, fingers crossed)...

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