Devonshire, Balham Sun, Jul 31 2016 19:30

First dates, last dates and tie breaks...

Jonathan H

After forty questions, only a tie breaker could separate the teams. We're On a First Date seemed disappointed with the world record holding parrot who could 'only' open 37 cans in one minute, but not as disappointed as #Premodonagh, who so narrowly missed out on winning a £50 bar tab that there was talk of divorce even before two of the team - due to tie the knot next weekend - are even married. First dates and divorce aside, Lets Get Quizzical earned the chance to nab the cash jackpot - this week at £80 - but removing the 10 of Spades from the prize board revealed nothing more than a burger. The good news? The potential prize will be even higher next week. Congrats to the winning team - Harry Potter and the Quizzed Child - who will return to defend their title and spend their winnings. See y'all next week!

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