Devonshire, Balham Tue, Mar 07 2017 20:00

It all came down to a tie break!

Rhys T

It was lovely to see so many new faces at this week's quiz.

This week for the foil challenge I asked everyone to sculpt a vegetable and apparently everyone loves carrots... 5 of our 8 teams made some very tasty looking carrots, but the judges eyes went to the other candidates. We had a corn on the cob (with butter), a bowl of peas and (our winner) a munchkin pumpkin.

Everyone was very evenly matched getting very close scores, apart from our top two teams who rocketed ahead with 37 points each so it came down to a tie break meaning that "Trivia Newton John" edged out and won our £50 bar tab and "The Fat Kids Win the See Saw" got the second place prize of a bottle of wine. The second to last prize of a scratch card went to "The Sausages".

The bonus jackpot rolls over to next week and stands at £96!!!

For your chance to win lots of prizes come along next Tuesday to the Devonshire in Balham for an 8pm start!

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