Devonshire, Balham Tue, Jul 18 2017 20:00

Musical Madness

Rhys T

Thank you for being a particularly fun group of teams tonight.

This week's foil challenge was particularly hard to judge. I asked the teams to make some musical instruments. We had some working maracas, a triangle, a bugle, a French horn and 2 grand pianos. Our winning sculpture was Hase's Aces' French Horn and runner up was Monkey Tennis' Grand Piano with pianist!

Monkey Tennis came first place and won our £50 bar tab, their extra point for the foil sculpture meant that they didn't have to have a tie breaker with the second placing team, Crushed Pink Fur. Second to last prize went to Hase's Aces, once again the foil sculpture was what clinched it!

The cash jackpot was not won, so next week it will be worth £478!!!

Book a table to guarantee a place in the front bar next Tuesday!

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