Devonshire, Balham Tue, Apr 18 2017 20:00

Royal Creations

Rhys T

A nice intimate night tonight with people away for the Easter Holidays, meaning that the chances of winning a prize were much higher!

For our Foil Challenge this week I asked people to sculpt something to do with the Royal Family, as it's the Queens birthday this weekend. Our runner up was Buckingham Palace on Will and Kate's wedding day. Our winner was a Royal Corgi doing a poo and Prince Phillip kicking it up the bum! Excellent stuff!

Our winners were Catch 22 with 39 points, fantastic score! The Royal Poo was enough to push Better Late Than Never into second place to win a bottle of wine. Second to last this week with 33 points were only one point away from second so it was still a very respectable score, so Omar Comin', Yo took home a scratch card.

The bonus jackpot rolls over to next week and stands at £366! There are only 5 cards left so it's getting to be very likely that the prize will be won soon!

For your chance to win lots of prizes come along next Tuesday to the Devonshire at 8pm. Please reserve a table!

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