Devonshire, Balham Tue, Sep 10 2019 20:00

What a windfall for Toledo

Marc F

The pub was jam-packed for the quiz tonight and the majority of people were in attendance for one thing and one thing only — the gigantic jackpot of £808.

With only two cards remaining on the board, The Sacred Toledo claimed their second massive jackpot victory, walking away with £808! The omens were there, as previously, they won the quiz, had a female on the team and sent their daughter up to pick a card, and this week, all of those things looked certain, apart from the win, despite being three points ahead at half time. Still, they came extremely close to the right answer and sent one of their daughters up to the board. And there was no messing about. She was reactionless as she showed me the Queen and posed for the photo, after only the briefest of pauses before making her choice.

The pub went crazy as the ticker tape starting flying and the team celebrated their well-deserved victory. Tough luck for the rest of the teams who'd been waiting for this for eight long weeks. Still, there's already £134 in next week's pot with the cards reset. Can you find the Queen, come have a go and find out.

In other news, Sounds of Fatness took the victory after a storming second half in which they picked up numerous differentials to set themselves ahead of the crowd. The jackpot winners took the wine and Sp3cial Needs grabbed the sweets.

Looking forward to next week and I hope you are too.

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