Devonshire, Balham Tue, Aug 08 2017 20:00

Wicked Weapons

Rhys T

We were packed out tonight! Lovely to see so many of you!

This week's foil challenge was to make Weapons. The quality was extremely high this week. Our winner was a Mace with a club on a chain by Muggy Mike. Second place was Crushed Pink Fur with a working catapult. Third place was Harry Potter and the Questionable Rash with their cannon.

This week's winning team was Harry Potter and the Questionable Rash taking home a £50 bar tab. Second Place was Fralan Suck, winning a bottle of wine. This week's winners of the scratch card for coming second to last was Femme Fatals.

The roll over Jackpot was not won, so next week it will be worth £670!!! There are only 4 cards left on the prize board so someone will definitely win it in the next few weeks.

Please reserve a table if you want to play! I almost had to turn teams away this week! We're here every Tuesday at 8, please get here for 7.30!

See you next time!

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