Devonshire, Balham Tue, Dec 06 2016 20:00

With Respect To Her Majesty the Queen

Rhys T

Another lovely evening at the Devonshire. Well, some people risked being hung, drawn and quartered for their excellent portraits of Her Majesty, in an attempt to get a couple of extra points. We learned that jolly old St. Nicholas is not just Father Christmas, but he's also the Saint of Pawnbrokers! Congrats to "2 Doors Down", who one the £50 bar tab and the bonus round (their prize was a kiss from me, weren't they lucky!) "Pull Out Before You Quiz" came second, meaning that they won the bottle of wine. "Better Late Than Never, got 2 bonus points for their portrait of the Queen, pushing them one point passed "Dirka Dirka", so they won the bar snacks for coming second to last! The Bonus Jackpot rolls over to next week and stands at £80! Join us next Tuesday at 8pm!

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