Draft House Old Street Mon, Nov 05 2018 18:30

Life, Quizzing & The Inevitability Of Greek Cheese

Graeme W

Tonight’s quiz result at The Draft House Old Street was seemingly moulded by nominative determinism, acceptance of the inevitable and, erm... Greek cheese puns... and obviously a love of trivia in all its forms.
Giving a handsome quiz performance, "Feta Complit" (and to add another layer, 'FETA' is an acronym composed of the team members’ first initials) easily and deservedly took home the £100 bar tab first prize with a grand total of 37 points. The foursome were a full 5 points ahead of joint second-placed "Quizgang" and "Wats Off" on 32 (the latter team having lost 3 points for having three too many friends).
Further down the table, it was "Ze Germans" who edged into second last place with 23 points, taking a bottle of wine home with them as a fine consolation prize. Alles klar...

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