Draft House Midsummer Tue, Nov 07 2017 19:00

High Stakes, Great Atmosphere & Tricky Questions

David J

This week at The Draft House Midsummer delivered one of the most entertaining quizzes yet. Introducing a bunch of fresh new faces, many of whom were opportunists stranded after a local train incident, and a good few being regulars with a bar tab in mind, there was a competitive spirit in the air! Ending with a tense tiebreaker between The Quizlings and the Theorectical Quizzicists, the night concluded with a very close crack at winning the £170 jackpot. That said, if at least 30 people participate next week, on the 14th November 2017 from 7pm, we will be looking at a guaranteed win of the £200 Jackpot, so call your friends, assemble your teams, and you may be walking away a very happy player!

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Theorectical Quizzicists
The Quizlings
Never Mind the Squelch
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