Draft House, Northcote Tue, Jan 17 2017 20:00

A small but fantastic evening

Owen F

A small but enjoyable evening at the Drafthouse, three teams fought over the precious bar tab. A solid performance by Smokey and his Bandits landed the prize but the highlight of the evening was the free drinks round. At the start of the intermission the question called for the capital of Taiwan. Immediately a hand shot up from the back and confidently stated 'Taibei'. Asked if he could repeat himself 'Taibei' was restated. He was close he was told and he was stumped. Another hand crept up tentatively and 'Taipei' was offered. The free drink was duly awarded. Scarred by their inability to distinguish plosives Team Taibei renamed themselves as a remainder that good diction and spelling is as important in quizland as a quick brain. So now you know.

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