Draft House Tower Bridge Wed, Feb 07 2018 20:00

Classy Quizzing By 'The Bold And The Beautiful'

Josh H

A packed evening in Tower Bridge was deservedly won by πŸ₯‡'The Bold And The Beautiful'πŸ₯‡ who took home the top prize after a fantastic performance in the quiz.

πŸ›«'Chudley Canons'✈️ built the best flying plane which got them two bonus points, pushing them up to joint second place alongside 'Generic Lager' who didn't moan at all despite having to stand throughout the quiz as we were so busy this evening.

Our second placed aeroplane won a point for 'The Bromells Bro's' which won them our wooden spoon prize (a free drink) for finishing second last. It pushed them just above 'Robin Hood - Not A Hero' who pointed out that despite coming in last place they still averaged more points per player than any other team as there were only two of them!

Big shout out to 'Cosmic Mindf**k' who won a bonus point for best team name despite my having to censor it on here. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Do book a table for next week to be sure to get involved, this quiz keeps growing in numbers but we have limited space available so get on quick to guarentee your team a spot. πŸ˜€

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Top Teams
The Bold and The Beautiful
Chudley Canons
Generic Lager
Quizzly Bears
Rother 'Hive' Mind
Quizzical Virgins
Cosmic Mindf**k
Every Little Helps
The Bromells Bro's
Robin Hood Was A Communist Not A Hero