Draft House Tower Bridge Wed, Sep 05 2018 20:00

Happy birthday Scot

Jodyanne F

Elvis isn't dead but alive and was sitting for his portrait at The Draft House tonight and the results were brilliant making for a very difficult judgement call. After much deliberation, the ribbon was pinned on Back To Quizness' toilet death scene winning the team a bonus drink and a bonus point.
The rock paper scissor round started with all players and worked its way down the lucky lady from Sri Chi Whi who secured herself a bonus drink for the winning streak whilst the second bonus drink tiriva shout out was snaffled by 'The Hunnies'.
At the end of the evening, it was a tie in the top spot between 'We're Ghana Win' and 'The Hunnies' but the latter was penalised 3 points for their extra large team making 'We're Ghana Win' the clears winner - £50 bar tab straight into their pocket.
Join us next week for your chance to win.

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