Draft House Tower Bridge Wed, Jun 06 2018 20:00

Rother 'High' Mind won!

Josh H

This week at The Draught House, we saw another winning performance by 🥇Rother 'Hive' Mind🥇who were in a tight battle all night long with their neighbouring team 'The Last Munchkin' who came in with the same points tally at the end meaning it was all down to the creative round at the end and our winners came up trumps again with their fantastic 'Big Lebowski Bowls' Pinball machine.

Both 'Hob Nobs' and 'Hallo Vera' also got a point apiece for their artistic endeavors.

'On His Tod' put in a top performance as our only solo quizzer and managed to tie with 'Firestarters' who took home one of our free drinks in the RPS showdown.

Hope to see you all next time! 😀

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