Draft House Tower Bridge Wed, Aug 01 2018 20:00

"The Legion Of Moles" Dig Deep!

Josh H

Another fine quiz at The Draft House was won comprehensively by "The Legion Of Moles" who were leading by a little at the halfway point and a lot by the end. Well done guys!

"Hallo Vera" came in second yet again, surely their time is coming soon...
Their optical illusion was brilliant and had me in stitches. It was a picture of the World Cup with England written on the trophy! Brilliant but maybe too soon... 🤣🤣🤣

"Quizzical Virgins" came very close too and "Bonny" our new team were loads of laughs and came up with the winning illusion - a couple of flowers under the sun but look again to see a naughty lady😉.

More fun next week at eight pm so be sure to book a table (or just turn up) for your chance to bathe in quizzy glory and win a fifty-pound bar tab.

Hope to see you there. X 😀😀😀

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