Draft House Tower Bridge Wed, Sep 26 2018 20:00

There Once Was A Team Of Just Two...

Josh H

It was limerick central in The Draft House this evening as the creative round proved pivotal for our winning team who astonishingly came back from a five point deficit at the end of the first half to win by a point and a half!

Our winning team "Quizlamic Extremists" were awarded both the bonus points in the creative round which inspired a comeback of which I've never seen the like.

Our new young couple fought off some stiff competition from past winners to overcome the odds (and numbers) against them to surprise us all with their flawless knowledge in the second half.

Congratulations to the teams who each accepted in good grace that sometimes the impossible happens and that our winners "Quizlamic Eztremists" were just one step ahead this week.

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