Duchy Arms Wed, Dec 05 2018 20:00

10 lords a-leaping but they're still not as happy as the victorious Scrooges

Charles C

A high-octane sleigh ride of a quiz last night. Points AND prizes galore as the teams faced trivia teasers on Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, Ireland's emeralds and Pokemon Go. By the end, the ten teams were spread out over a mere eight points, with 'Jurgen Flop' just missing the bottle of wine (possibly because of the 'REM losing their religion' lyrics question). Local heroes, 'Tintin and his totty' got the wine, employing their fine knowledge of the 12 days of Christmas. Just ahead of them, 'Sean Wright-Phillips' (there for the football, stayed for the quiz), 'Eddie Loves Us More' (excellent recall of penicillin's discovery date) and 'Make Kennington Great Again' (who got the Bletchley Park question in a matter of moments). 'The Late Parrs', having wrestled with the question on man-boobs, took 5th, while 'Eddie's Eagles' (together with Eddie the doggo) took 4th, slipping from pole position at half-time, while 'Fake Quiz - Sad!' (solid sports knowledge) got bronze. 'Nancy Pelosi's Mattress Emporium' and 'The Scrooges' faced off in the 1st-place tiebreaker, with 'The Scrooges' giving a fractionally closer guess on the average number of sesame seeds on a Big Mac bun (178!). The jackpot was not won. A rollover puts the total at £147 for next week. Come and get the cold. hard. cash!

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The Scrooges
Nancy Pelosi's Mattress Emporium
Fake Quiz - Sad!
Eddie's Eagles
The Late Parrs
Make Kennington Great Again!
Eddie loves us more!!!
Sean Wright-Phillips
Tintin and his totty
Jurgen Flop