Duchy Arms Wed, Aug 15 2018 20:00

169km on a unicycle. In 24 hours! Not for me, thanks.

Charles C

With the jackpot reaching quarter of a grand (my new way of saying £250), the excitement at last night’s quiz at The Duchy Arms was palpable. The money had to be won last night. It was just a question of ‘by whom?’ Before that though, 10 teams faced questions ranging from Harry Potter to cheese and from Bananarama to Easter Island. It was the quintessential mixed bag. At the halfway stage, "Nuclear Quizzion" were in the running for the bottle of wine, together with "Andrew Appreciation Society" and "Ernestos Friends" but in delivering such a stellar second half, played themselves out of the running for the wine (which went to ‘Ernestos Friends’) but earning one of my coveted bags of sweeties. The full-time scores were a closely-run thing. A few crossed out answers saw "Charles’s Angels" slip frustratingly down the order, while "Juicy On His Own" finished ahead of newbies "Gindependent Women" and "It’s Finland". The top just two points separated the top three, with "Fake Quiz – Sad!"’s outstanding second half seeing them collect the bar tab, just beating "Pass the Duchy" and "Clown Baby". Such high drama! "JOHO" earned three tickets to the jackpot round in our closest to ‘What is the world record for the longest unicycle ride?’ question. "FQS" – with the second closest answer – got two tickets and "Finland" got one. However, fate smiled on "FQS" who had the winning ticket. Five of them - £250. Not a bad night. Our VC funders have already put £52 in next week’s jackpot – there is still money to be won. Come and get it!

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Fake Quiz - Sad!
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