Duchy Arms Wed, May 16 2018 20:00

331,000 bees on one human! Unbelievable!

Charles C

10 teams filled the bar at The Duchy Arms last night in what became a hotly contested brainteaser battle. The bottle of wine (for the second from bottom) was valiantly fought for by 'Quiz In My Panties' (who had suggested that the answer to a question on the smallest cell in the human body might be the appendage of one of their own team-mates. Brutal!) and 'Stani-Lundie'. Stani-Lundie's guess on the age John Wayne was when he died (72!) was slightly closer and the wine was theirs. At the other end of the league, 'Clown Baby' and 'Heaven Knows We're Quizerable Now' were just beaten to the £40 bar tab by 'An Imperial Measure'. However, again, it was 'Juicy On My Own' who proved his mettle, coming a very respectable 4th despite being by himself. HKWQN won through to the jackpot, with the closest guess to my question on the record for the most bees worn by a human (331,000!! Yes, nearly 34kg of bees!) but the right envelop eluded them. It was a rollover. Around £110 to be won next week! ;)

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