Duchy Arms Wed, Jun 20 2018 20:00

Anyone for a 6.4-ton omelette? You'll just need 145,000 eggs

Charles C

After two weeks of new-baby madness, just like the prodigal son I returned. It wasn't about me, though, or the blessèd infant waiting for me at home. As ever, it was all about the quiz. Last night did not let us down. Iron Maiden, Lithuania and the Oscars all featured in a packed night of trivia teasers. A tie-break for first place saw 'Wriggers' emerge victorious, just ahead of Hucklebum, while Ginger 'n' Juicy got the second-from-bottom bottle of wine. With a weighty jackpot on offer, it was only appropriate to ask a first-rate jackpot question. How many eggs did it take to make the world's largest omelette (6.4 tons)? 145,000 apparently. So, if the average hen lays 530 eggs through its lifetime, that's a lifetime's work for 274 hens. Despite the calibre of question, the jackpot was not won. Well over £200 available next week. Eggcellent!

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