Duchy Arms Wed, Apr 25 2018 20:00

Clown Baby hit the double! Oh, what a night

Charles C

Some key numbers from last night: 8 teams, 40 questions, £270 pounds. There was a real grouping of team scores in the middle with 'Where's Ruth?' (missing a housemate) taking the (imaginary) bronze medal by the end. 'The Mary Gibbons Experience', 'Stani-Lundie' and 'One Star - Please be kind' putting in strong performances despite only being teams of two. 'Barry's B**ches' earned themselves the bottle of wine - even without Barry - with 'The Flying Dutchman' winning the wooden spoon. Battling for the top spot were 'Clown Baby' and 'Fake Quiz - Sad!' but after a tiebreaker of guessing the number of words in the first Lord of the Rings book, it was 'Clown Baby' who got the £40 bar tab. Still hungry for more glory, they then won through to the jackpot envelopes and....only went and won that as well! £270 between five of them! Thrilling stuff. Cold. Hard. Cash.

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Top Teams
Clown Baby
Fake Quiz - Sad!
Where's Ruth?
The Mary Gibbons Experience
One Star - Please be kind
Barry's B**ches
The Flying Dutchman