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To all Duchy Arms pub quiz regulars and lovers of north and good times alike; I have some news for you. It happened again. Due to the likelihood of winning the infamous pub quiz jackpot being incredibly low (about in one in ten chance) there is usually always a rollover til the next week with an addition a new night's winnings. However, the amount of money in the jackpot has to be capped at £200 and cannot go any further. Last night it was roughly about £185 and as nobody was fortunate enough to win it last night, next weeks jackpot must be won.
Now if you're reading his thinking "Yeah but my team have never been fortunate enough to win anything at the Duchy Arms" have no fear. For when we are at maximum jackpot winnings, we change things up a little bit. For one week and one week only it Will not be the dreaded pick one envelope out of ten that leaves the entire bar with sweaty palms and palpitating hearts. There will be an entirely different game. An entirely easier game that raises your chances of winning £200 by over 60%.
And what game is that you may ask?

Oh I'm sorry guys - but it wouldn't be in true fashion of a Question One pub quiz if I told you that now. You have to come along and find out in person. So make sure you get down there for next Wednesday as it is very likely that no one else will know about this other than YOU! Walk away with £200 cash and finally break that losing streak!

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