Duchy Arms Wed, Oct 24 2018 20:00

Dynamic Duo Win The £250 Jackpot!!

Charles C

High-stakes quizzing at The Duchy Arms last night, with the £250-jackpot needing to be won. Teams fought through tricky questions on Chandler Bing, Rooibos tea and chess to try and earn the £40 bar tab. "Pass The Duchy", "A Quiz Star Is Born" and "All Of Them So Far" finished on the same final score but it was "PTD" who walked away with the first prize. Very close behind - just one point fewer - were "Five Over Parr" and "...And The Winner Is..." but, again the rumble for the vino was a back-and-forth arrangement between "Quiz On My Face" and "Quizzle Ma Nizzle". "QMN" got it, earning the chilled bottle of Savvy Blanc at the end, just ahead of "The Hopeless", who demonstrated an admirable knowledge of pogo sticks and Shirley Temple. "AQSIB", "QMN" and "AOTSF" won through to the super-mega jackpot round (guessing closest to the number of f-bombs said in 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' film - 569, if you're wondering). And it was "AOTSF", who also won my points-per-person bag of dolly mixtures, who split the money. £125 each. Not a bad night's work! AND...shrewd financial planning means we already have a jackpot for next week. Over £150 up for grabs already (say, whaaaaaat?!). Only at The Duchy Arms!!

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