Duchy Arms Wed, May 09 2018 20:00

Elizabeth Taylor - you've stunned us all!

Charles C

A stretched ladder of scores saw a tie-break necessary to determine first place last night at The Duchy Arms. The question: how many of the world's 25 most venomous snakes are in Australia? The answer: 21! 'Bedser No More' was spot-on, meaning they just pipped 'Fake Quiz - Sad!' to the top spot for the bar tab. An early photo of Elizabeth Taylor stumped everyone but it didn't stop quiz momentum (Quizmentum? That should be a word!) 'Ginger 'n' Juicy' displayed noteworthy prowess as a team of two, just beating 'Lambeth Walkers' for a spot on the podium. Meanwhile, when it came to the bottle of wine it was 'Quizzy Rascals' who emerged victorious. Favourite bit of trivia for the evening was on the little metal cage that keeps a cork on a bottle of Champagne. It's called a muscle. How delightful. In other news, jackpot went un-won. Rebuilding to c£60 for next week. Tasty:)

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Bedser No More
Fake Quiz - Sad!
Ginger 'n' Juicy
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