Duchy Arms Wed, Dec 27 2017 20:00

Go on, we'll have a go

Jodyanne F

It was a one horse race for the top prize tonight with 'Santa's Little Helpers' pulling well ahead in round one to maintaining their lead all the way through to the end. This meant it was a head to head between 'GD' and '??????????' for the second to last place bonus house wine. Come the end of round they were neck in neck but '??????????' just managed to gather a big enough lead to take it at the finish. Ever the gentlemen they graciously gifted the wine to the 'GD' - the Christmas spirit lives on.
'Santa's Little Helpers' won the chance to play for the £140 jackpot and picked the envelope with the 50p making it a rollover to next week.
That will be £150 up for grabs then...

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