Duchy Arms Wed, Jan 03 2018 20:00

Going into extra time

Jodyanne F

It was quizzing to the football at The Duchy Arms tonight.
Chelsea supporters 'The Other One' just managed to scrape ahead by half a point at the end of round one thanks to the generosity of their opponents, 'The Hawk Jansens'. They then compounded their lead by scooping up the bonus anagram point at the start of round two which they held through to the final whistle to take the top prize.
They thought it was all over but there was still the jackpot to play for.
The pickle's proportions were pondered with 'The Other One' hitting the mark to take a shot at the jackpot. They shoot... they score! £160 to their pockets.
Meanwhile, 'The Hawk Jensens' nabbed the bonus drink at the end of round one and the house wine at the end of the evening.
Winners all round.

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