Duchy Arms Wed, Apr 18 2018 20:00

Hot town! Quizzin' in the City. Jackpot also hot - over £250 next week!

Charles C

High energy in The Duchy Arms last night as the cash jackpot reached £245. Nine teams wrestled it out for the bar tab and for the glory. Just one point in between 'Fake Quiz - Sad!' in the first place and 'Quizzical' in second, by the end. It was electric. 'The Cockney Geezers' did admirably on a points-per-person basis and wowed everyone with their knowledge of the girl band, All Saints. 'We Were After The Wine' got what they came for in coming second from last, with 'Yanks' getting unfairly wrong-footed by the cryptic tube station questions (not fair if you're not a Londoner). Most impressive feat of the evening was the two brothers of 'Check Your Shirt' who arrived independently (apparently) wearing exactly the same (you guessed it) checkered shirt. Wonderful stuff. 'Trout Fact Hunt' were only 22 short of the exact answer to my jackpot question on the world record number of pull-ups in 24 hours (4,321. Can you imagine?!). Still, the jackpot went un-won. The stakes get higher next week! Over £250 :)

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