Duchy Arms Wed, Nov 28 2018 20:00

Idris Elba - You Gorgeous Gentleman! Welcome To Pub Quizzing!

Charles C

Lots learnt at the pub quiz last night, not least that: snake-charming is illegal in India; play-doh was originally invented as a wallpaper cleaner; and, mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths each year than any other creature. A close first half opened up into a sprint finish in the second. Dependable duo "We Got Here Early Just To Get A Table" just missed out on a couple of bottles of Sambrook's Brewery (the evening's excellent sponsors) Stout but did win the points-per-person award. A three-way tie-breaker saw "Here For The Free Beer" (who routinely surprised themselves with the depth and breadth of their knowledge, getting the cryptic tube stations in under ten seconds), "Notinyourmums Forest FC" (whose puerile name earned themselves a coveted tube of Fruit Pastilles) just get pipped to the Sambrook's stout by "I'll Be At The Bar". Just ahead of them were "Duchy's Angels" (the dynamic bar staff team), "The Rookies" (who boasted great knowledge of movie heroines), and "Take The Cucumber" (who made it to 4th place despite internal team struggles!). On the podium stood "The Pre-Impressionist Estonian Painters' Society" (great Simpsons knowledge), "Exes Can Be Friends" (who did not let love politics affect their quiz performance), while "Stop Brexit Now, etc..." won the bar tab. BUT... the jackpot went unwon - over £100 up for grabs next week. Idris Elba may be People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2018 but he's still not as attractive as the pub quiz at The Duchy Arms. Get involved!

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Stop Brexit Now! We're Having Such A Good Time, We're Having Ed Balls!
Exes Can Be Friends
The Pre-Impressionist Estonian Painting Society
Take The Cucumber
The Rookies
Duchy's Angels
Notinyourmums Forest FC
Here For The Free Beer
I'll Be At The Bar...
We Got Here Early Just To Get A Table