Duchy Arms Wed, Jul 10 2019 20:00

If only Brooklyn Beckham had been there to take the photos!

Charles C

In a hotly contested, fire-pit of heated competition and warm conviviality, 12 teams tempered their trivia mettle at the Duchy Arms last night. A long the way we learned: Meghan Markle was the most googled woman of 2017; the albatross has the largest wingspan of any living bird; and, the Suez Canal connects two seas that rhyme (the Med and the Red).

With the best score on a points-per-person basis, “Hello, Quiz It Me You’re Looking For?” showed us superb Mark Twain and politics knowledge. A couple of points more, following a purposeful strategy to win the bottle of wine, “Quiz On My Face” got exactly what they came for, but not before showing us a good ability to recognise famous doctors (has Dr Dre really got a medical degree or a PhD?!). With superb recollection of the conqueror of the Aztecs, “Kerching” came next, just missing the coveted wine, and “Foxtrot Unicorn Charlie Kilo”, a bit of a jump later, came next, with a thought-provoking teamname and excellent knowledge of nursery rhymes and the Pink Panther films.

Just ahead of them, “Too Run Too Angry” had a storming second half, one of only a handful of teams to get the Final Fantasy computer game question right. “Hockaday Was Never Yours” and “Quiz In My Pants” drew level at the end, both deciphering the Drew Barrymore anagram admirably quickly. “Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber” just missed a podium finish but won the room’s respect by getting 3-from-3 on the Bastille lyrics question.

Earning bronze, “Quizzy Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation” delivered a very dynamic quiz performance, including 3-from-3 on the doctors identification teaser. Joint equal for silver, “The Bulbers” and “Doing It For Dale” both won some consolation sweets having missed the top spot by one point but “DIFD” did brilliantly to get the Bambi film villain question and “The Bulbers” had knowledge of ABBA’s music videos that was unmatched across the room. 3-from-3. Unbelievable scenes.

Winning the £40 bar tab, “Sorry, Siobhan” (notable comma added to their teamname this week) had a great quiz, even getting the Despicable Me badly explained film plot AND knowing that Brooklyn Beckham published a book of photography (“What I See”) in 2017. Amazing stuff. “Too Run Too Angry” won through to the jackpot envelopes, giving the closest guess to the number of grains of rice in a 1kg bag (50,000 if you’re wondering!) but the cruel jackpot outfoxed them and the cash went un-won. £135 of cold. hard. cash. up for grabs next week. Come and win! #onlytheduchyarmshastheanswer

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