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The Best Quiz South of The Thames

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Wow. It's not often I can put pen to paper (well... you know what I mean) and say hand on my heart that I am wrong and yet, here I am being forced to eat my own words (though I'd much rather eat the GORGEOUS pie and mash served at the Duchy Arms) on something I was up until recently so certain of.

As an inhabitant of North London, you'd be forgiven for believing that south of the Thames is a baron, tubeless wasteland of rusty kebab shops and people desperately trying to pretend that they love where they live. And honestly I too was a staunch advocate of the North side and all it had to offer a Londoner. And whilst I'm not about to migrate down to the SE any time soon, I am about to sit here and confess that, alas, it's actually pretty friggin good down there.
Well if you're a lucky vet of alcohol anyway!

I have now covered quite a few pubs in South London and there's just something about their pubs that the North doesn't have. Whether it's the authenticity of their tavernesque food or the fact their pints are ever so slightly cheaper, I always leave a South London pub quiz hoping to be called back to one. Something I never thought I'd say about anywhere ever in the SW SE Sssssss.

So if you have just moved to South London and you've found a place on spareroom with an accountant a paralegal and a dog walker, know that you've moved into something quite special. A cultural hub buzzing with different pub quizzes left right and centre that make that dead end job a little less of a dead end.

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